Running the business


When I started my photography business I had no idea how or where to start if I am completely honest.

I loved photography and I wanted to be more creative, I wanted to move on from what started as my very expensive hobby and take it to the next step.  I started with friends and family sessions and then weddings but I still didn't have a clue on what it takes to run an actual business and after the first year of business I was in for a shock.

My expenses were out weighing my income and it was time to ask myself what I really wanted.  I decided from that moment that I was going to start taking my business more seriously and run it like one.  I am still learning and building after 3 years of being in business I still can't say I know all there is to know about running a photography business but I get to wake up every day and feel proud and totally in love with what I do,  even on days like today where I have not left my room for longer than 10 minutes due to being ill.

I love it so much that I want to start a separate blog about the mistakes and the not so bad mistakes I have made along the way and hopefully also add all the information I know about photography.  I am not yet a master of my craft but I am a mum that started at the very bottom with a camera just like many other people I have spoken to who would also love to get into photography, maybe I can help.

Still planning and building,
I best go and get some more rest and tea.

Bye for nowxx