10 things to ask your photographer

Poppy Field
Mote Park Engagement session

At the end of every wedding consultation I always ask "do you have any other questions?"  This often leaves my clients wondering if that was all of their questions, we get caught up in conversation that they might forget some of the questions they have been wanting to ask or they simply don't know what to ask about as its the first time booking a photographer.

Here is a simple list of questions you should ask your photographer.


  • What experience do you have and can we view some galleries from your previous work?

The chances are that you have seen their website, and loved the work you saw on their pages, their Facebook page etc but, what you normally don't see is the whole day gallery.  It's good to see the whole day gallery as it gives you a better understanding of what they photograph, the details and also the non posed images.


  • Are you Insured?

It is important to know If your photographer has liability insurance, just in case.

  • What rights do we have with the images?

The photographer will always have copyright over the images but this just means that if a magazine wants to print them they will need permission from the photographer.  Most photographers will give you printing rights as well as the right to share on social media etc. 

  • What packages do you offer and are they customisable?

To make sure you get the coverage you want its good to make sure that the photographer you are looking for is able to meet your needs.  Most photographers offer full day coverage but if you are looking for someone to say that bit longer or you want to change the time they usually start to suit your needs etc. It is best to know at the consultation.

  • How long will it take to get our images after the wedding?

Every photographer has a different way of processing images so the wait can vary, also if it is a busy time for weddings ( spring/summer) then there is most likely going to be a bit of a longer wait.

  • What happens if you can't make it?

You need to know what the photographer is going to do if for some reason they are not going to make it to your wedding.  What happens if they are ill, in hospital or a relative is ill?

In the unlikely event your photographer can't make your wedding you need to know what they can put into place.  Will they find a good replacement or will they just issue you a refund?

  • Do we get a contract?

This is very important!   I would recommend that you only book a photographer that can offer you some form of contract.  This covers you, them and everything that you are paying for and expecting to receive from them.

  • Do you mind my friend taking pictures as they want to do photography?

I have been to so many weddings where there are obviously budding photographers wanting to build their portfolio but they tend not to tell me and it confuses me and sometimes just makes getting the shots a lot harder.  Once I get my shots I am more than happy to step aside and let the close friends take some images.  I think people starting out in photography is a wonderful thing and if I can help them get amazing images of your wedding (making sure I have mine done first) then I am more than happy to.

  • What do we get?

Even after people book me, see the packages I provide, I have my brides wondering what they get after the wedding.  Make sure you ask exactly what you are going to be getting and also make sure it is actually something that you want.  

  • What is your "back up plan?"

The back up plan is important.  You need to know what might happen if their camera fails, if their lens fails.  You may not know what camera they use, or what lenses are needed but if your photographer only has one camera and no backup, this might lead to a problem on the day so it is good to make sure.
I have 3 cameras with me at all times.  You may think that is too much but, I carry 2 on me and one in the bag.  I have a range of lenses and backup lenses as well as multiple flashes and a ton of batteries for them all.  

Always good to be prepared.

I hope this list helps you.

Beverley x