Work / Life balance and how it really is.

When you run your own business from home it becomes your whole life. I feel bad for not spending time with the kids and, when I am with the kids I feel that I should be working.

It is a constant cycle of work and guilt, we all feel it.


I absolutely love what I do and I look forward to going out there and photographing people, places and most of all, I love photographing the connection between people which is why I love weddings so much, but, It comes as a price of a lot of guilt from loving the job and missing the kids.

All is not lost!  I have found my answer and it works really well for me.

  1. I plan time for friends and separate time for family.

  2. I STICK TO MY PLANS! (The best I can) I try not to make any exceptions when it comes to plans with my family. Yes I know, you get a call, someone wants to book you for a certain day and they can't do any other day at all! I let them go, I know its hard to say no but my family need me more than I need to overwork myself, even though I love to work.

  3. I set goals for the future and I revisit them every day. I have a list on my laptop, in my diary and also a constant list in my head of the things I am aiming to achieve and I also talk about them with the children and my ever so patient husband.

I best get back to editing while the children are at school
I hope you have a happy and productive week.
Beverley x