How we take Lightning pictures

After the recent storm we have been sharing the images we captured and we have had so many questions as to how we managed to take them.

We decided to write it all out for you.  From how we setup the camera, to what settings we have the camera set to as well as how we finish them off in Photoshop.

Storm Time

  • Checking on the behaviour of the storm on an app called real time lightning map. Checking its position, progress and direction.

  • Once we know all the information we plan on where we go, where would make a great foreground for the image.

Packing The Bag

  • Dslr (7D)

  • Wide angle lens (sigma 10-22)

  • Wired shutter release

  • Battery and memory card.

  • Tripod

Taking The Shot

  • setup the camera on the tripod

  • setup the wired shutter release and lock it so it keeps going after every shot.

  • Keep track of the storm as you may need to relocate.

  • Try and stay dry, we use the boot of the car.

Camera settings (Night time shots - 2am)

  • Camera set on manual mode

  • Shutter speed set to 8 seconds

  • Aperture set to F8

  • iso 500 - 600 (depends on how close the storm is)

  • High Speed shooting

Once the storm has passed and the lightning has stopped, cross all fingers and hope you manages to capture the lightning.


I hope this answers some of your questions for now, next blog I will explain our editing prosess when it comes to these images.

Beverley x