Welcome 2019!

Happy new year to all!

Happy 2019

Some of you will be starting on your lists of all the things you want to achieve, I have had my list a while now and gave myself a start date of 20th January 2019 ( 5 years in business anniversary } I think the new year is a good time to start date to work from, its a fresh new year, new possibilities and not because its another day, but because you made the decision to act! The problem we have is when we fail ( which we all will ) we give up! Don’t! I have had and will continue to have moments of doubt and moments where I was so excited about something and it fails big time. I have given up on things I really wished I didn’t. Imagine if you kept going, imagine it all actually worked out but just took a bit longer?

I am going into a rant so I will finish with this.

This year I don’t plan on becoming a size 10, I don’t plan on being super rich. I plan on making mistakes, and counting them, I want to get to 100. I want to push myself to try new things, take more risks and reach 100 no’s, 100 failed attempts.

I plan on making new friends, laughing more, but most importantly, learning to stop hating the parts of myself that are what make me who I am, and liking myself more.

Lets count the fails, because if you can reach 100, it means you got out there and tried and you won’t be there wondering what if I tried.

Have a great day, sorry for the rant.

bye for now.

Beverley xx

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