Legacy Package

This is the very first time we have offered a multi session package

We aim to capture you and your family over time, and not just for one session, but multiple sessions spread out over a year. Just like a baby’s milestones are photographed at each stage as they grow, I believe that as families grow, it is important to document along the way. For example :

Seasonal sessions.

  • summer walks along the coast or the park, a place you like to go on days out. Spring session amongst the flowers and the blossom

  • Winter walks though the park, warm days in, Christmas sessions etc. Autumn walks in the woods, pumpkin picking etc.

Special family events.

  • Birthdays

  • family coming to visit, family get together.

  • Anniversary

  • New school, starting school, last year at school

  • A new family pet


  • Close friends that are like family

  • Children that you are “aunt/uncle” to.

Traditions that only make sense to you and your family. The list is endless.


Legacy Package

Introductory Price



Pre session consultation

  • We plan out your sessions, talk about venues, theme, family, really anything.

  • We can meet and chat before every session if you like, it really is up to you.

4 Photography Sessions

  • Each session will be for 1-2 hours

  • 40+ Edited images from each session

  • online ready after 2 weeks from each session

  • Outfit changes if needed

  • Venue changes if they are not too far from each other

After the last session you will receive

  • A final viewing session

  • Our Custom designed legacy box with 4o prints at 6x4 and a custom USB with all the edited images from every session

  • 10x10 Photobook with lots of chosen images from sessions throughout the year

  • A video slideshow of a selection of images from every session

*Monthly payment options available

*Payment plans can be arranged over a 3 - 8 month period, a deposit is needed to set up a payment plan and an admin fee may apply. Sessions can be arranged throughout the year. You can use one of your sessions for a friend or family member however they will not receive an individual USB or photo book and will only be able to access their images via the online gallery. In order to use one of your sessions for a friend or family member you will need to sign a second agreement stating you are happy to be gifting 1 of your 4 sessions, also stating who you are gifting it to.